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Pinkney, John 1934-

Rick Strassman M D. Melvin Morse. Scott G Bruce. Matt Smiriglio. Scott G. Graham Hancock. Ruth Montgomery. Raymond Buckland. Whitley Strieber. Lynne McTaggart. Amorah Quan-Yin. Registers Might Save Lives. Dreamer Flew Illfated Plane. Precognition Proved by a Prescient Producer.

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Voices Colours and Numbers in the Sky. The Pitfalls of Practicality. Prophecies in Print and on Film. Writers who Foreglimpsed the Sinking. An Australian Authors Vatican Visions. Previsions of Gulf War. Curious Case of the Clairvoyant Crossword. Worlds Beyond Death. Swam through the. Clairvoyant Powers of the Clinically Dead. Dead Soldier Sprinted across America. The Children who Talked with the Dead. Strange Case of the Timetravelling Musician. The Reincarnation Riddle.

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Children Bear Past Life Birthmarks. Beware Cleopatras Churchills. Reporter Covered the Reincarnation Beat. Reborn Sisters Remembered their Toys. What Did the Baby See?

A Cluster of Curses. Scourge of Queenslands Bouncing Stones.

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Jinxed Relics Wrought Revenge. Eye Eye Its Nelsons Curse. The Deadly Curse of Coronation Street. Evil Burned from a Deathbringing Boat. The Great Eastern Curse. Opening Sentence : Although many years have passed, I still remember the dream in every electrically vivid detail: the fading light, the smell of the rain, the fear, the shock of pain. Journalist and author John Pinkney has devoted most of his career to investigating the paranormal in Australia at first hand. The cases include:. Written in an open-minded style, these reports make riveting reading.

However, the stories are more in-depth than others I have read.

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I am impressed by the sheer number of stories the author was able to gather and it was refreshing to read such a high percentage of Australian content — something that is hard to come by in a field that concentrates on the UK and US. Unusually, Pinkney also includes a number of events experienced by Australian public figures. Overall, this book is worth reading if you are interested in paranormal phenomena in general, and Australian phenomena in particular. Categories: Impressions. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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